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MAXIMeyes is an award-winning energy and telecommunication consultancy that provides tailor-made utility solutions. We offer a comprehensive 360-degree package of services that covers all possible needs, ensuring the highest level of integration and efficiency.

All services are also offered separately and include:  


We see our clients as partners, a perspective that really shouldn’t be as rare as it is. When you think in terms of a partnership you are more likely to be invested in the success and happiness of your clients. We feel that this is why we are able to offer services and solutions that go far beyond the industry norm.

Everything that we believe, everything that we do, everything that we are is based upon five core principles that inspire our organization.

Problem Solvers – Our organization is made up of individuals and teams that are not just experts at finding solutions to existing problems, they are also adept at anticipating challenges before they occur.

Client Focused – We offer around-the-clock communication and support. Your happiness comes first and you will have two dedicated account managers that understand how busy you are and will ensure that your experience is hassle-free.

Integrity – We believe in transparency, straight talk, and honesty. We feel that this is how you build strong working relationships that benefit from trust and responsibility.

Passion – We hire people that love what they do and we create an environment that is positive and rewarding. We work in energy but it is the energy that runs through our organization that enables us to perform at a higher level.

Positive Change – We do not rest on today’s successes, rather we push forward to constantly refine our own holistic processes, the efficiencies that we offer to our clients, and our charity outreach efforts.  


MAXIMeyes’ strategy for energy and telecommunications management is simple:

We will use our experience to ensure that our clients don’t fall into the standard industry traps that can add 20-30% onto their bills. You will never have to deal with costly hassles that waste both time and money. In fact, you will barely have to think about energy and telecommunications, because we will be managing everything to make your life easier and more productive.

So when we say “simple” what we really mean is simple for you. Because when your procurement and management is taken care of, it means that you’re able to focus on what is really important to your business: your own customers.

MAXIMeyes offers two dedicated account managers so you will never be left in the dark. When it comes to producing results and offering support, we don’t take time off. MAXIMeyes is an around-the-clock service that meets every deadline and builds the type of client relationships that are unique to the industry.

Our “97% client retention” speaks directly to the effectiveness of the MAXIMeyes way.


We believe in creating ripple effects that result in positive change. We choose business as a way to achieve this.

  • For our team members – by creating a working environment that provides the tools and techniques for personal development, and ultimately an opportunity to realise individual dreams.
  • For our clients – by creating long-term, sustainable solutions for their organisations.
  • For the industry – by creating and implementing solutions to industry challenges.
  • For the planet – by promoting clean energy and solutions for sustainability that are accessible to all.
  • For the people of the world – by using business, wealth, and influence as a force for good.

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