Why apprenticeship makes business sense

Why apprenticeships make business sense

Why apprenticeship makes business sense

Why apprenticeships make business sense.

Mentoring has always been an important part of MAXIMeyes. The company believes that nurturing new talent within the organisation benefits the business and gives something back to the community at the same time. So when MAXIMeyes came across the Creative Pioneers apprenticeship scheme, it was a good match, a way of taking mentoring to another level. Creative Pioneers is a national campaign to find the next generation of advertising, creative and digital media talent, matching up would-be apprentices with relevant businesses.

MAXIMeyes has certainly benefited from the scheme. Head of Internal Operations Amy Dallas said: “We decided to join the scheme as it goes along well with our purpose and values as a company of helping the community and it actually worked out really, really well for us”. They started off with one apprentice and it worked out so well that he completed the scheme ahead of schedule (and now works at MAXIMeyes full time). As it worked out so well, MAXIMeyes took on a second apprentice, Harry Looney, who recently won the Creative Pioneers’ ‘Apprentice of the Month’ award and was featured in the Metro newspaper!

Commenting on the award, Serena Phillips from Creative Pioneers, said: “Harry has done extremely well in grasping his role as Trainee Account Manager, taking on a lot of work from colleagues and this has allowed them to focus on other projects.”
Harry said “working at MAXIMeyes has been great – it is different to anything I have done before so it was a big challenge when I started, but the staff are really friendly and I love to learn new things so it is great fun. I really enjoy the teamwork, learning new skills and about the industry. Thanks to MAXIMeyes I am starting to fulfill my potential!”


What MAXIMeyes has found with both apprentices is that although they are inexperienced and have a lot to learn, they work hard, learn fast and quickly become valuable members of the team. As Amy Dallas says: “The lack of experience is not a problem, as we have the time and resources to put into their training”.

Taking on apprentices has also helped MAXIMeyes with the thorny recruitment issue facing many organisations – how do you bring in new staff who have no experience? This route offers an alternative to hiring graduates.
MAXIMeyes is already looking for the third apprentice to join the team. It is very likely that there will be many more to come in the future.


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