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incorrect billing dispute MAXIMeyes

Incorrect billing dispute

Revenue recovery of £38k

Details: A commercial property investment company had received a late invoice from their gas supplier, significantly higher than expected, and including backdated charges. The client requested that we take a look at the invoice to see if there were grounds for a reduction.

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incorrect kva charges MAXIMeyes

Incorrect KVA charges

Revenue recovery of £232k

Details: After receiving copy invoices from our client we noticed that they were being charged a suspiciously high cost for their KVA allocation. After investigation we identified that the capacity volume assigned was 2500KVA, even though the site was not a high user.

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bills maximeyes

Multi-site telephone lines audit

Monthly cost reduction of £300

Details: Hotel group with 20+ sites. Across the sites, each hotel had multiple lines installed, most of which were surplus to requirement. This included ISDN 30s and ISDN 2s, along with multiple PSTN lines, most of which were unused.

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MAXIMeyes Case Study

Multi-site Portfolio Management

Client: Nursing Home Group (EC) – 140 care homes

Annual Saving: £684,000

Details: Almost 300 gas and electric meters with different providers, different contract end dates and multiple sites out of contract. Termination notice often not served and contracts rolling over onto deemed rates. The client was struggling to get billing queries resolved with suppliers due to the scale of their business and on a number of supplies were incorrectly paying a higher rate of VAT and CCL.

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