Employee attraction and retention for the care sector

Employee attraction and retention for the care sector.

Due to the ageing population and therefore the increased demand on services within the care sector, the pool of accessible workers is diminishing. This is also compounded by an ageing workforce and the lack of new workers coming into the sector. So how do employers attract new staff and retain those they currently have?

Below are some steps we believe can assist in attracting new talent and enable employers to keep those valued workers in post.


I. Career development and advancement opportunities.

Have a clear plan of how a person can progress within your organisation and what support and access to training they have to do this.

II. Pay.

Pay is always a key driver for staff within the care sector which historically has always been seen as a lower paid sector. If you are able to offer competitive rates of pay – then make sure your target audience is aware of your pay.  Think about what other benefits you could include in employee benefit schemes in addition to their salary.  Explain in job postings how they can achieve a work life balance and still obtain a full-time salary.

III. Organisations reputation as a good employer.

This is of particular importance to those working in the care sector. They want to know that their professional standing is protected and they have clear guidelines and protocols in place and support from a strong leadership team. To ensure you can attract and retain good care sector workers it is important to show how you continuously strive for improvements in your organisation.

IV. Job Security.

Employers often consider this as a less important driver to attract staff. However, this is generally ranked within the top three for potential employees. Make sure you demonstrate how you can offer job security to potential employees.

V. Challenging Work.

All jobs can have an element of ‘boredom’ to them, but to keep your staff engaged and interested in your organisation, consider how else you could utilise their skills and experience to give them more responsibilities or opportunities to expand their knowledge.

VI. Engagement.

To retain good quality staff, it is important to ensure your workforce remains engaged with your organisation. Towers Watson explains employee engagement as:

  • Engaged – feeling attached to the company and willing to exert extra effort on its behalf
  • Enabled – having the tools and resources to be successful
  • Energised – working in an environment that supports one’s health and well-being.


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