Energy Efficiency Solutions


With rising energy costs and increasing concerns about our impact on the environment, more and more businesses are seeking solutions for improving their sustainability and energy efficiency.

To begin with, our team can carry out a thorough and accurate audit on your business to identify any areas in which your energy management could be improved. We will then be able to make recommendations and communicate these to your suppliers, helping your business take steps towards greater energy efficiency.

Whether you are beginning a new business venture and wish to take a sustainable approach right from the very beginning or wanting to upgrade and improve systems in your existing business, we can help you to find the right solutions to suit your specific needs.

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There is an availability of many technologies and products that can be retrofitted into your existing systems, such as insulation for pipes and tanks, tap and shower fittings, voltage regulators and more. Many businesses also choose to turn to renewable energy sources such as CHP, wind turbines, solar PVs, hydro turbines, and other systems which can generate cheap and eco-friendly energy for the business.

If you are interested in looking into any of these types of technologies we can offer full project management and source the right suppliers to meet your individual needs. The right technology not only reduces the direct cost for business and guarantees more independence from the National Grid, but can also become an opportunity for additional revenue streams, as excess energy can be sold back to the grid or to other businesses.

Our consultants and account managers are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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MAXIMeyes offers two proven, specific energy efficiency solutions for businesses:

  • Client funding – where the end client becomes an investor and sole beneficiary of any government incentives and efficiency savings.
  • Fully funded renewables – through Energy Performance Contracting, offers sustainable solutions with long-term benefits. Learn about Fully Funded Renewables.