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Our Energy Management solutions – Utilities 360 – enhance your competitiveness, by ensuring that you are billed correctly, consuming energy efficiently and are in full compliance regarding government legislation. The main aspects of the strategy include:


At MAXIMeyes we make it our business to get to know your business; only then we can confidently help you to design the most comprehensive Utilities 360 strategy. Audits include desktop and technical analysis and cover elements like: current pricing and billing structure, suitability of meter types and capacity charges, MOP agreements, waste collection schedules, water pipe sizes, consumption anomalies and more. 


It is all very well securing a competitive contract price, but if you are not billed correctly by your chosen supplier then you may not see the benefits. Our validation service checks each and every bill against the agreed contract and provides you with a red, amber or green status to advise you as to whether the bill should be paid or is being queried. 


None of the queries is ever too much for us. At your disposal is extensive market and technical knowledge with over 120 years of combined experience in the utilities industry. with unique emphasis on maintaining the best possible supplier relations, MAXIMeyes can achieve much better results in query resolutions than most consultants on the market.


Why do two similar sites consume energy so differently?
Why does one cost so much more than another?

Advanced consumption data recording software helps us to provide you with the information to be able to answer these questions. Discrepancies in your consumption will raise flags and we will provide you with information that will assist you with on-site investigations. Regular problems that this reporting identifies include: inefficient equipment, faulty meters, incorrect staff behaviour and various other anomalies. This data gives you the power to reduce costs and consume energy more responsibly. The most popular reports among our clients are: Group League Table, Year by Month consumption and cost breakdown, Daily Anomalies Report. 

Your account managers can talk you through the options of smart metering vs manual meter reading and the various consumption reports available to you.


New government compliance schemes are constantly emerging as the energy industry changes and evolves. Keeping up to speed with these changes takes a lot of work and there can be hefty penalties for non-compliance. MAXIMeyes will make sure that you are fully compliant with all aspects of CRC, ESOS, and other reporting requirements. We will also help you to coordinate the implementation of these reports.

Commercial compliance also covers: BREEAM, iSBEM, LEED (LEADERSHIP IN ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN), Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Thermal Modelling, Air Tightness Testing & Sound Testing, EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), Daylight Calculations, Energy Statements & Low and Zero Carbon Feasibility Reports and Building Reg Part L.

If you want to learn more about these services and what they can do for you, speak to one of our consultants or contact your MAXIMeyes account managers to found out more.

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