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The Hard Road to Creating Change in Energy Utilities

The Hard Road to Creating Change in Energy Utilities.

Breakdown and breakthrough. This is the philosophy of Shamir Jiwa, Founder and Managing Director of MAXIMeyes. During his time in university, Shamir spent the summer working for energy suppliers. From the inside he was able to see the dark side of the industry, this was what he calls the “breakdown”. At the time, no service-based industry in the UK received more complaints than the utilities industry. Let that sink in for a moment. It was worse than public transport, working with solicitors, even banking.

Shamir saw this as an opportunity to “breakthrough” by creating a utilities company that put the customer first. So no more phone calls leading to the client having to waste time trudging through a maze of menu options followed by being told you were in the wrong department and having your call dropped.


Shamir founded MAXIMeyes with some clear service principles, including performance metrics for customer support. As Shamir puts it himself, “Every phone call should be picked up within five rings. Every email should be responded within 24 hours. Every message should be called back within four hours. Every action requires an affirmation action within 24 hours. We created a service level system to not just improve the customer experience but completely change it.”

The idea to transform the industry was not an easy one, Shamir was fresh out of university and customers were sceptical about his ability to deliver on his promises. “I remember I had one customer who owned 15 nursing homes and a dozen hotels at the time. He told me, ‘You’re younger than my son, and I have been in business longer than you have been alive, what could you possibly tell me about business that I don’t already know?’ I was a one-man operation, in my only expensive suit, and I had no track record.”

Shamir’s response was to put everything on the line by accepting all the risk himself. He mustered all of his conviction and made the client an offer he couldn’t refuse, “Give me a chance to show you what I can do for your business. You don’t have to pay me a cent until I can deliver the results that I’ve promised you.” Today, this customer has grown into one of the biggest hoteliers in the UK, developing new high-end hotels on a yearly basis. 12 years later, they remain one of MAXIMeyes’ most loyal customers.


Today, MAXIMeyes continues to put the customer first, and this is why the company has an industry-leading customer retention rate of 97%, which has held steady since measuring of retention began seven years ago. There are many innovations that Shamir has implemented to add to the overall customer experience, for instance, MAXIMeyes is now able to offer solutions for any aspect of utilities, from new metering and connection solutions during site development to fully funded energy centres supplying whole areas with renewable energy.

In comparison, other companies are far more limited, and Shamir is quick to point out why this is such a critical issue, “Customers don’t want to have to deal with three different companies; they want one person they can trust to handle everything they need.”

Shamir is also a big believer that in order to put the customer first, you have to have a passionate team that understands that the customer experience comes before the bottom line. To achieve this, leadership is required from the top down. Open communication must be fostered, and team must feel taken care of and part of a family. Shamir sums it up, “When the team fully understands this then they will buy in and go the extra mile for customers, which in reality is going the extra mile for the business as well.”

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