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Incorrect billing dispute

Revenue recovery of £38k

Details: A commercial property investment company had received a late invoice from their gas supplier, significantly higher than expected, and including backdated charges. The client requested that we take a look at the invoice to see if there were grounds for a reduction.

Action Taken: Whilst looking into the invoices not only did we find grounds to reduce the amount owed due to the time it had taken for the supplier to invoice for the charges, we also identified that the supplier had been over-estimating the consumption and had charged for gas consumed whilst the company were with a previous supplier.

Intensive negotiations were taken up with the current supplier, pointing out their errors and recalculating the exact figure that should have been charged.

Net Benefit: The original figure invoiced for was £52,129.08, and after our negotiations were complete we managed to bring the amount down to £13,969.48, a 73% reduction.