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Incorrect KVA charges

Revenue recovery of £232k

Details: After receiving copy invoices from our client we noticed that they were being charged a suspiciously high cost for their KVA allocation. After investigation we identified that the capacity volume assigned was 2500KVA, even though the site was not a high user.

Action Taken: Having confirmed the consumption patterns with our client we went back to the distribution network to confirm what capacity volume was requested at the initial supply connection stage. We discovered that the correct amount should have been 250KVA instead of 2500 and for 4 years our client was being charged 10 times more than necessary.

We began investigations with all relevant suppliers who confirmed that they were also being charged incorrectly by the distribution network and passing the cost onto the client. We provided the necessary documentation to the DNO and requested that they refund the suppliers, who in turn would refund our client.

Net Benefit: After completing the investigation our client received credits from the two shippers who had supplied them during the period in question: £69,960.87 credit from supplier 1 and £162,405 credit from supplier 2, totalling a staggering £232,365.87.