Justyna Nowicka MAXIMeyes

Interview with Justyna Nowicka

Justyna Nowicka MAXIMeyes

Interview with Justyna Nowicka

In this interview, we get to speak to entrepreneur and customer service specialist Justyna Nowicka who tells us her secrets about what makes a successful energy procurement business. Justyna Nowicka is celebrating her ten-year anniversary of working for energy procurement company MAXIMeyes (UK). She is the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and the woman who has been influential in driving the success of the company’s excellent customer service.

You’ve had ten years of success at MAXIMeyes when the company received two customer service excellence awards – tell us how it all started?

In October 2006 I arrived in the UK. I had no experience of the nation, and the first job I got was working in a restaurant. In the December of the same year I saw an advert for an office assistant at MAXIMeyes, so I applied and got the job. It was a very different office back then, and there were only two people working in it. During my job interview, I had to fix the company’s server as the office’s connection went down. Over the last ten years with the company I have worked my way up from office assistant to being head of the corporate business development and marketing.

What do you hope to deliver to your customers through your work?

Excellence. Our aim is not only to provide the great quality products and services, but also the best customer experience in the field. It’s ultimately customer service that can make the difference between making and breaking a company, and to succeed, the customer must be the priority.
We may not be the biggest business in the energy consultancy field but the customers that we have get a top notch service from us. There is no compromise to that.

What is your definition of customer excellence?

The priority is ensuring that the client is getting a solution to their problem, whatever the problem is. It’s our job to identify the challenge that they are going through and deliver the right solution. We do only what we believe is right for the customer and try to go the extra mile. We also have great relationships with our suppliers, despite the fact they often complain about how much we push them to get the best solutions for our clients, such as fixing issues and getting flexibility on contracts.

What excites you about Energy and Utilities Procurement?

Energy procurement in itself is not exciting in any way. What I find exciting and rewarding about my job is negotiating the best deals for our clients. I’m also extremely excited by the direction the company is taking with our ‘Fuel the Change’ campaign – we are trying to use our influence to help those that are less fortunate than us. It is very rewarding.

You’ve gone from a waitress to the COO of a multi-million-pound company, what is your secret?

I fell in love with the job and culture here. From my first days, have always been looking for ways I can add value and I have constantly been stepping outside of my standard responsibilities to see where we can improve our processes more. I tend to get very committed to the job, no matter what it is. And I can be really forceful when I see opportunities for the company to grow and for our clients to benefit from it. And the fact that I had huge amount of fun whilst doing it? – that’s a big bonus.


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