MAXIMeyes 12 Anniversary

MAXIMeyes 12TH Anniversary

Maximeyes anniversary

MAXIMeyes 12TH Anniversary.

We are so proud to celebrate our twelfth anniversary today. On 20th September 2004 our founder Shamir Jiwa set out his vision to revolutionise the energy consultancy sector and truly help clients with their utility management.  He was joined two years later by Justyna Nowicka, who with the rest of the team, helped us grow into one of the most respected consultancies of its sort in the UK. 12 years later our passion for solving problems for clients, while maintaining the highest integrity and standards hasn’t faded.

Aside from providing our clients with tailor made utility solutions, we are also committed to offering them fantastic customer experiences. Companies often talk about outstanding customer service in vague terms, but we have a clear vision for it and offer our clients a top-notch service.  We believe in treating our clients with the same respect and integrity that we would treat ourselves.


We believe that MAXIMeyes is all about people. Not just our team in the office and our clients, but also those less fortunate in life that need help. Shamir has inspired us to believe that business should not just be about money and profit, but it should be used for greater good. We are therefore constantly working on initiatives where we can use our profit to support people and communities in need. #FuelTheChange. We will continue to give top priority to the way we manage our interactions with our clients to ensure we can achieve our vision.

Our Chief Creative Officer Justyna Nowicka commented: “Looking back over the past 12 years, it has been very hectic and at times challenging. There were some 14 hour-long working days to get us to where we are today. But creating such powerful relationships with so many clients is fantastic. We are trying to listen to them and keep working on new ways we can add value to their organisations, so the excitement never ends.” You can find out more about MAXIMeyes history here.