Rolling tulip fields, beer, bicycles and a commitment to Green Energy

Rolling tulip fields, beer, bicycles and a commitment to Green Energy

MAXIMeyes are proud to announce that we now have an agreement in place to price for gas and electricity supplies within The Netherlands!

MAXIMeyes has a philosophy of creating long-term, sustainable solutions for our Partners and we frequently hold conversations with our clients to discuss what their major ‘headaches’ are and how we can help with them. A number of our Clients manage sites within The Netherlands and we found that they were lamenting how handling utilities at these sites was significantly more difficult than those in the UK. With this in mind there was only one thing to do – we reached out to a number of Dutch utility providers with a view to building new relationships. Having succeeded in this we are now proud to be able to extend our services to our clients with Dutch ties.

As well as being a major natural gas producer The Netherlands are a world leader in renewable technology and they embrace a bold aim; by 2050 they plan to have an entirely sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in place across the country to ensure zero fuel poverty. As part of this they aim to cut CO2 emissions by 50% and to generate at least 40% of their electricity from wind, sea and biomass. They are also pioneering innovative solutions in decentralised energy production in greenhouses, CO2 recycling and waste heat utilisation within their extensive horticulture industry.

Energy contributes considerably to the Dutch economy and their Government has therefore opted to ensure that they stay at the forefront of this ever-changing industry. This is a stance that we at MAXIMeyes can fully relate to and we are excited and proud to begin our relationship with some of the country’s key energy players.




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Kieron Blundell, MAXIMeyes