Nursing Home MAXIMeyes

Meter Reading Dispute

Revenue recovery of £15k

Details: A system error at the point of electricity transfer for a nursing home resulted in the client being double-billed by suppliers for consumption. It was identified that meter readings used by a previous supplier were incorrect.

Action Taken: Monitoring of meter readings on a weekly basis, updating both suppliers to prove consumption. Digital images of the meters were also sent – displaying meter reads – in order to prove the readings. All payments were kept on hold until resolution was achieved.

This discussion between the suppliers went on for over 12 months as neither supplier could come to an agreement on the readings. MAXIMeyes had to oversee the discussions, take control of both parties and reduce the impact the disagreement was having on the client.

Net Benefit: An overpayment of £15,000 was stopped as a result of our investigations. The client was not dragged into discussions with the suppliers and had MAXIMeyes as a point of contact throughout. Our regular updates to the client ensured they had peace of mind at all times.