MAXIMeyes Case Study

Multi-site Portfolio Management

Client: Nursing Home Group (EC) – 140 care homes

Annual Saving: £684,000

Details: Almost 300 gas and electric meters with different providers, different contract end dates and multiple sites out of contract. Termination notice often not served and contracts rolling over onto deemed rates. The client was struggling to get billing queries resolved with suppliers due to the scale of their business and on a number of supplies were incorrectly paying a higher rate of VAT and CCL.

Action Taken: Having analysed all information at our disposal, MAXIMeyes outlined a strategy for the group and tendered the project to 14 energy suppliers. We immediately contracted all sites that were on deemed rates, before aligning all contracts to a common end date to enhance the group bargaining position. We also ensured termination notice for all supplies was given on time and renewal prices booked in advance to guarantee efficient transfers.

Net Benefit:

  • Cost reduction for Gas: £208,627
  • Cost reduction for Elec: £475,769
  • Combined £684,396

Additional Saving: In addition to the above we arranged reimbursement for up to 6 years of excess VAT payments and CCL levies.