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Multi-site telephone lines audit

Monthly cost reduction of £300

Details: Hotel group with 20+ sites. Across the sites, each hotel had multiple lines installed, most of which were surplus to requirement. This included ISDN 30s and ISDN 2s, along with multiple PSTN lines, most of which were unused.

MAXIMeyes Advice: To undertake a complete multi-site audit, establishing which lines were required, ceasing those which were surplus to requirements and to consolidate all lines with a single provider.

Action Taken: A thorough bill investigation took place and having liaised with numerous site managers we were able to identify which lines were unused and arrange for these to be ceased. The multiple ISDNs and PSTNs were consolidated where possible, converging services onto single lines, migrating numbers onto the ISDNs, and reducing the number of channels across the ISDNs to the required level. DDI ranges were also reduced to only include those which were being used.

Net Benefit: Immediate cost reduction by cancelling unused lines to the value of £300 per month. Administration time was reduced greatly after the audit. By grouping all the sites together into a corporate tender, the client was able to benefit from our negotiations with a range of suppliers and was moved onto a bespoke tariff to meet their specific requirements.