Objection Handling & VAT Rebate

Objection Handling & VAT Rebate

Revenue recovery of £43k

Details: Existing supplier objected to a group of 20 nursing homes transferring their elec supplies to another shipper due to outstanding balances on the account.

Action Taken: Upon investigation it came to light that the outstanding balance was as a result of the incumbent supplier failing to administer payments on the account correctly, thus allowing a debt to rise on the account. MAXIMeyes entered into long negotiations with the existing supplier and confirmed that the objection was raised as a result of the supplier’s own error and not the client’s.

Furthermore, it was identified that the supplier was charging an incorrect rate of VAT. After requesting copies of all previous bills our analysts were able to calculate the overcharged amount for the past 2 years. The VAT overpayment was backdated for 24 months and recalculated on the correct reduced figure.

Net Benefit: A credit of £43,000 was placed on the account as a result of the VAT recalculation. This reduced the debt significantly. The supplier did not impose deemed rates as a result of the late transfer and after further MAXIMeyes negotiations they allowed the sites to transfer without further delay.