Our Philosophies


At MAXIMeyes we have two philosophies that guide the creation of our missions and values.
We believe that significant and positive change starts from within. Our first step was to look inwards, to make sure that you are doing everything possible to create an organisation that is effective, efficient, and always progressing. Once we have achieved this goal, it is our aim that the positive impact of our work spreads out into the world where it will have widespread positive benefits that work for and extend beyond our industry.


“We believe that every breakdown is an opportunity for a breakthrough. This philosophy stimulates continuous organisational improvement.” – Shamir Jiwa, MD

  • Through excellence – Recruit the best people and empower them with the tools to excel.
  • Through communication – Listen to our people and our clients, understand their needs.
  • Through innovation – Provide our people with the autonomy, mastery and purpose to come up with solutions to any challenges which arise, and empower them to implement.


At MAXIMeyes we believe that business is positioned to create positive forces that can have a real impact. Our philosophy of positive change is not limited to one avenue; it is a widespread ripple effect that has no boundaries and barriers.

We produce positive change for:

  • Our team members – by creating a working environment which provides tools and techniques for personal development and gives an opportunity for the realisation of individual dreams.
  • Our clients – by creating long-term sustainable solutions for their organisations.
  • The industry – by creating and implementing solutions to industry challenges.
  • The planet – by promoting clean energy and sustainability solutions and making these accessible to all.
  • The people of the world – To use wealth and influence to promote a better way of living for those that are in need.

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