OPTIMeyes help reduce tenant energy costs by up to 40%

OPTIMeyes help reduce tenant energy costs by up to 40%.

Solar panels and battery storage are being installed in 1,000 low income homes across the Severn Valley, in an innovative energy reduction partnership between OPTIMeyes and Puredrive Energy, in conjunction with Severn Valley Housing.

As part of the initiative more than 1,000 families with benefit from a reduction in their energy costs by as much as 40%. The panels and battery storage will be free to tenants and are expected to cut hundreds of pounds from each home’s energy bills, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

“By combining renewable energy and battery storage into community schemes, we are leading the way in making next generation of energy services a reality today” commented Miguel Matias, Commercial Director at OPTIMeyes adding “We are proud to be working with Puredrive Energy and Severn Vale Housing on this scheme to help deliver a significant benefit to tenants”.

Severn Vale Housing asset and commercial director Michael Craggs said: The partnership has come at a time when Universal Credit is being introduced, and tenants, who are on benefits, are going to have to budget very carefully to make ends meet. This system allows customers to store power from the solar panels on the roof into a small lithium battery in the house. It will also help them monitor their electricity usage and budget accordingly. We are the first housing association in the South West to be working with an innovative energy company to save our tenants money. The installations have gone very smoothly and our initial findings have been very encouraging. We hope to roll the energy storage system out to a large number of our properties in the future”.

Tenants will not pay anything towards the installation of the panels and battery storage which will result in their energy bills being reduced by an average of £240 per year. This project is part of the Fuel the Change initiative which aims to help lift low-income families out of fuel poverty.

Despite a government reduction in feed in tariff rates, falling prices of solar panels combined with advances in battery storage technology means that there are still significant opportunities for social housing enterprises to provide cost effective solutions for tenants to significantly reduce their energy costs.

If you are interested in finding out how OPTIMeyes can help your housing programme profitably and dramatically reduce energy costs, then please contact us at info@optim-eyes.me or visit our website optim-eyes.me.

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