Portfolio Management


Finally, may I reiterate how happy we are with the service MAXIMeyes are providing for us. As discussed, it’s disappointingly rare to encounter genuinely good customer service these days it seems, but you provide a refreshing exception to that norm.


Managing 69 hotels and working on multiple developments is a challenging task and we need to ensure that our hotels receive the best solutions. We don’t make decisions without thorough due diligence, and that also applies to screening and approving suppliers we work with.

Selecting our energy consultancy was a 2 year process. We appointed 4 companies in 2013 to manage a smaller portion of the portfolio each. In September 2014 we narrowed it down to two including MAXIMeyes, who had been working with some of our hotels for number of years prior. We were planning to work with two companies to spread the risks, however in February 2015 we decided to appoint MAXIMeyes as our sole consultancy to manage our entire portfolio and all forthcoming acquisitions and new developments. We found them to be far superior than other consultants we have used and we feel more secure in the knowledge that everything is under their control.

MAXIMeyes have used their great business relationship to assist in some of our more complex sites and they have provided a huge amount of support in terms of our long-term energy strategy and day-to-day management of all accounts and costs. They take charge and drive forward solutions, often coming up with new ideas to streamline costs of utilities or administration processes related to managing such a large portfolio. Their account management service is second to none and we can always rely on them to deal with any issues we encounter.

We would not hesitate to suggest that other hotel management companies work with MAXIMeyes as it would definitely improve their operations and costs.


I think you are a great company. Honestly on a day to day basis and being in the profession for so many years I just cannot help but to admire you. As they say you are as good as your team or your manager. I was very stressed about the issue with MA and Kyle’s assistance was a great relief and appreciated.


Thank you so much for your help. Where would we be without you! I think I would probably spend half my week on the phone to British Gas if you were not around to help!


We have been working with MAXIMeyes for a number of years, across all our Hotel portfolio, and we have always been very pleased with their work. Their level of service is exceptional, and they have always delivered positive results, realising cost savings in our utility bills across the group. We would highly recommend them to all businesses looking to make the most efficient use of their utilities.


I was very impressed with the service MAXIMeyes provided to our company. They have allowed us to offer a better service to our clients by promptly offering competitive rates for various sites we manage. We have used other such companies previously, however MAXIMeyes have constantly offered a much faster turnaround time.


Thank you very much for all your assistance and guidance in respect of the numerous utility companies we deal with at Sussex Healthcare. You provide excellent communication and always answer queries quickly and efficiently. It has helped our business to save thousands of pounds, especially with your experience in dealing with suppliers. As our Company is getting bigger and bigger, the work you do to collate Company utility information is invaluable.


Since MAXIMeyes have taken control of my utility procurement I have not needed to spend time speaking to suppliers regarding any queries. This has given me time to concentrate on my business as one call to MAXIMeyes means that my query is dealt with efficiently with a quick response. I have never known such a company which thrives on maintaining client relations as well as supplier relations in order to get satisfactory results. I would recommend MAXIMeyes to anyone looking for efficiency, speed and excellent results.


MAXIMeyes has always been there for our utility needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for their services. They deliver what they promise and I thank them for making my job easier.


MAXIMeyes (UK) Ltd is a consultant of ours for the purposes of Gas, Electricity and Telecommunications. With over 12 hotels it is imperative that the service we receive is of the highest standard and the cost is competitive at all times. We have found both to be true whilst dealing with Shamir Jiwa at MAXIMeyes (UK) Ltd. The hassle free process provided has given us the peace of mind that you can change supplier without disruption to your service.

I would recommend them as reliable and professional people to do business with.


We have been using MAXIMeyes for a couple of years now and they just take all the hassle out of everything for us. They find us good deals on our utilities, monitor these and make sure that we are constantly updated whenever our contracts end, so that we are always saving money.

Whenever there are any problems with any companies especially mobile phones, I just need to send them an e mail or a short phone call and they are onto it immediately, and the problem is always resolved. I have found them to be a very efficient and helpful service and would recommend them without hesitation.


We have been clients of MAXIMeyes for a number of years and have found them to be a very professional company and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

We have a number of residential and nursing homes as well as dental practices and use the services of MAXIMeyes for all our businesses. The need to secure good pricing from utility companies has never been more important and the ability to understand information provided by them more critical; both tasks are made easy by using the services of MAXIMeyes.


Using MAXIMeyes to source the best deals for our utility contracts has been a brilliant time saver for us. It has also saved us money. The service we get from MAXIMeyes is very good. They are very quick to answer any queries and always get back to us with information.

If there are any problems with the contract, either before or during the term, they will investigate and sort it for us. I used to dread the time of looking for the best deals – now it couldn’t be easier. I just scan and e-mail the letter to MAXIMeyes and they do the rest. I fully recommend MAXIMeyes to anyone who wants to get the best deal on their utility contracts.


Utilities used to be a time consuming and costly business, that was until we started using MAXIMeyes. Their service has been extremely fantastic. They have also reduced our utility costs dramatically. I hope we carry on our blossoming working relationship.


I have found you and your company to be very committed in getting the best for the client – very professional in the approach and follow-ups – timely and conscientious dealings at all times. It is a pleasure working with you and your team.


Congratulations to MAXIMeyes. It’s all due to the Employee’s continuous dedication and commitment to MAXIMeyes.


I have found MAXIMeyes to be very efficient and prompt with dealing with all my electric/gas queries. Well Done!!!!!


Congratulations on the award to you all but on the other hand, I am not surprised. It is good to operate with you and your customer service is excellent. Keep up the great work!


Many congratulations from all at Sojourn on your well deserved award.

FINANCIAL DIRECTOR, Splendid Hotel Group

Congratulations on being named Independent Consultant of the Year 2011. This is an excellent achievement, and you and your staff fully deserve this award.


Wow that’s amazing and well deserved.

Utility Infrastructure


We met MAXIMeyes at the public exhibition in Sutton for our latest development at South Point. Whilst we were talking in an exploratory manner about what MAXIMeyes could provide us with in terms of connection services and energy tariffs for South Point, it was Paragon Grove that was causing me a little concern.

I was very impressed by the overall approach that MAXIMeyes took and I wanted someone to take responsibility for this element of the project. MAXIMeyes demonstrated the skills and attitude I was seeking and they assured me that they could take the entire connections project off our hands. This was exactly what I was looking for as my time was being diverted away from more pressing matters.


The first thing I noticed about MAXIMeyes is that they are persistent, committed, adaptable, honest and knowledgeable. I felt that they had a different view on how business should operate. I think it is important in business to find people that are more able and adept than you.

They have the critical knowledge to do the job as they said they would do, they empathised with me and understood all sorts of problems I had with utility companies in the past. I felt straight away that I would matter to them; when dealing with utility companies I often felt like I was just a drop in the ocean and that they could do whatever they like, irrespective of the regulator input and influence.

Within a few months of working with MAXIMeyes I could see results. We have been able to save over £46.5k so far thanks to MAXIMeyes. On top of that, the time and energy saved when bringing power on to site is significant. One of our building managers that actually project manages the site development referred to MAXIMeyes as his ‘right hand man’ which is a very strong recommendation.

To summarise my experience of MAXIMeyes: They get on with matters. They tell the truth. They try their best. They keep me informed. They don’t need to be micro managed. They get results. They save me money. In short, they make me smile.


With regards to the procurement of utilities through MAXIMeyes I can say that I am very pleased with their performance to date. I have used them for both tendering and procurement of infrastructure services installation for both our site temporary and project permanent supplies, along with metering installations. I would consider them as my ‘right hand man’.


I have worked with the MAXIMeyes team on several connection projects over the last few years and I always found the project management to be very efficient, professional and handled with utmost attention to detail.

They definitely keep their clients’ interests at the forefront of their minds and won’t give up until they find the right solution to any complication that their clients face. I would recommend the MAXIMeyes team to any client considering resolving their energy solutions.


I write this letter as a reference for the above company, based on the experience of this practice.

I confirm that I have had personal dealings with MAXIMeyes for approximately 2 years. During this time they have greatly assisted us with providing competitive utility quotations for the supply, alteration and upgrading of all utility services, including gas, water, electricity and telecommunications.

Most recently they assisted us with a major £7.5million new Mosque project in Harrow, where a dedicated member of the MAXIMeyes team liaised between the services consultants, our clients, the main contractor, the various utility companies and ourselves. They were very persistent with the task entrusted to them, despite numerous set-backs.

They eventually provided us with very competitive quotations for gas, water and electricity mains supplies. They even negotiated with the contractors more favourable terms and discounts. With their hard work, we saved around £150,000 by avoiding the need for a sub-station on the site in the face of resistance from the utility company.

They are currently securing all mains services quotations for a new-build residential development in Streatham Hill. Again, they have managed to cut out the hard work from us and we are happy that we do not have to chase people any longer.
The most outstanding part of MAXIMeyes’ service is the speed of their response.

They constantly copy you in with all correspondence so that we are always in the picture as to what is going on. Dealing with utility companies is a dreaded task for us architects, as we are usually pushed from pillar-to-post when we want to talk to someone at any utility company.

I would have no hesitation in recommending MAXIMeyes to any Architect, Surveyor or Contractor in securing mains utility services for new or existing premises.


As a company we often carry out development work on the new and existing properties that we have around the country, which at some stage often requires the expertise of MAXIMeyes. Last year the company purchased a thirteen unit flat with a cottage in my area, which had been empty for around three years.

Just before development started I learnt that the gas main in the road was being renewed, and this property was about to be abandoned by the gas supplier. We had to act quickly to avoid the large cost of re-instatement, and it was at this point that I was advised to contact MAXIMeyes.

With their know-how and contacts the problem was quickly overcome, but due to new legislations the problems grew as we had to arrange a separate supply to all the flats including the cottage, which required changing all the piping to plastic and moving all the meters to an outside location close to each individual flat.

This could have been very expensive for the company if it had not been for the helpful advice from MAXIMeyes and the meetings they set up for me with the mains gas supplier and HS Works, allowing us all to work closely together.

There were also some issues with the electric suppliers, as each flat had previously had its own separate supplier. But again this was dealt with by MAXIMeyes with some help from me on the ground. I found them friendly, helpful, informative, and always ready to help and advise when needed. The regular calls from my account managers to update me on the situation without having to chase was very refreshing, making the whole job much easier and quicker than it could have otherwise been.

I have since been involved with MAXIMeyes in another small project with one of the other flats I look after, and found the same level of friendly advice and expertise as before. I hope the company will continue to use MAXIMeyes for any future projects, as they certainly make life that bit easier for the person on the ground.


We have been working with MAXIMeyes on Energy Connections projects for over 12 months during which time they have assisted with the following projects.

  • Mosque project in Harrow
  • Albrighton Community Centre in Dulwich
  • Apartment Block in Streatham

During this time MAXIMeyes have assisted us and shared their expert knowledge in this industry with us. They have obtained competitive quotations for new gas and electric connections, meter installations, supply upgrades and supply contracts.

The service provided is helpful and informative, and the dedicated member of the MAXIMeyes team is always at hand ready to help and advise when needed. The regular calls and updates have meant that we no longer have to waste time in chasing the local network providers for updates or delay meeting project deadlines due to long lead times.

MAXIMeyes also liaise with all parties involved including contractors and copy all teams involved into correspondence so everyone involved in kept in the loop. This has been very helpful.

We will continue to work with MAXIMeyes and have no hesitation in recommending their services to any Architect, Surveyor or Contractor.


We have used MAXIMeyes for some time now and have always found them to be very helpful, respond in a timely manner to all queries and deliver an excellent service. In particular MAXIMeyes arranged the successful installation of gas and electric meters together with landlines to our Leeds City development. This involved communicating effectively to all parties concerned until installation was complete. Thank you for all your help.


We recently moved office so naturally we wanted to review our telephone and broadband expenditure. In addition we needed to transfer our existing telephone numbers to the new address and install additional ISDN lines. We were recommended to use MAXIMeyes and were more than happy with the advice and service they gave. In particular Justyna, who handled our account, made the whole process stress-free and kept us in the loop throughout.

The transfer of numbers and broadband took place on the day we requested and more importantly we experienced no down time. Not only did we receive a first class service, we have also saved substantially on call costs and line rental. We would thoroughly recommend MAXIMeyes and will certainly be using them again to review our other utility bills.