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Top Tips for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Top Tips for Upcoming Entrepreneurs.

Starting with just an idea, the insight for a better kind of energy utilities company, Shamir Jiwa slowly built up MAXIMeyes to meet his vision for the industry. During this process, he was challenged every day, and it was largely through these difficulties that he learned how to become a leader and a serial entrepreneur.

Shamir believes in passing knowledge, skills, and opportunity to the next generation of entrepreneurs, who will have the ideas that push important industries even further in decades to come.


When he speaks to young entrepreneurs, Shamir tries to share what true leadership is, “It’s very easy to motivate a team when things are going well. It’s a bit of a cliché to say, but a real leader will only shine through challenging times. If you’re feeling the pressure but still able to inspire people, that’s true leadership, and you’ll need it to navigate the ups and downs of the business journey.”


Revolution is never easy, and it took an incredible amount of work to get businesses that were used to a certain way to try a newcomer in the market, but Shamir also admits that he was in the right place at the right time to introduce new ideas to an industry that was primed for change.

However, more than just chance luck, Shamir believes that there is a way to increase your chances of being in the right place at the right time, “There’s no use sitting on your hands waiting for an opportunity to present itself. You need to get out there, socialise, make new connections and be keenly aware of the possibilities that are being presented. So many people don’t realise when an opportunity has presented itself. It’s like their radar isn’t turned on, or they’re afraid to take action.”


The other key attribute is that of perseverance, which Shamir knows all too well, “Most opportunities lead nowhere, but you still have to take them to their natural conclusion. There were many moments where I could have given up on the MAXIMeyes dream, but I believed in my ideas and wasn’t going to let them go without giving my all.”

It is once an opportunity has been found that the work truly begins. The opportunity needs to be assessed and tested to determine its viability. If a decision is made to proceed, it’s vital that the opportunity is thoroughly followed through. Ideas need to be fully developed, new customers need to be identified and nurtured, expansion and growth needs to occur; the list is potentially endless.

In business, it is a given that opportunities will materialise; successful entrepreneurs are made by knowing how to effectively open the door when those opportunities knock.

MAXIMeyes is an award-winning energy and telecommunication consultancy that provides tailor-made utility solutions. We offer a comprehensive 360-degree package of services that covers all needs, ensuring the highest level of integration and efficiency.