Utility Procurement


We will conduct a full audit of your gas, electric, water and telecommunications costs. This process will allow us to estimate the savings that we can provide and to identify any historic overcharges in order to secure potential refunds. As part of a no-obligation proposal, we will provide a short, medium and long-term strategic overview for your organisation.


There are four ways we secure the best possible price for our clients:

  • Group Bargaining – Our basket purchasing scheme enables all of our clients to take advantage of significant economies of scale. We do this by co-terminating contract end dates, grouping clients with similar needs together and tendering for them as a group.*
  • Correct Tariff – Identifying the ideal energy tariff or meter for your needs can make a significant difference to the prices you pay.
  • Tendering to a Wide Range of Suppliers – MAXIMeyes works with over 15 top energy suppliers. By effectively leveraging market competition we are able to achieve a better price for your business.
  • Time of Buying – The market price can vary by up to 40% during any given year. Through our market tracking service we can help clients to purchase at the right time. Regardless of when your current contract end date is, we can secure today’s rates for future renewals.

* It has been verified by Ofgem that procuring for larger volumes has a tangible effect on the end price, as published in The Retail Market Review from Oct 2012 (Figure 2.3, page 21).

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Once you are our client we will take care of everything, from the smooth transfer of the accounts through to organising payments from the supplier. We will manage all of the services ,for you and do so with our award-winning customer service experience.

Our clients do not need to directly speak to any of their suppliers unless they wish to do so. Our highly trained account managers, are here to handle any questions or queries throughout the duration of your contract. With one of the lowest in the industry ratio, 1 account manager works with maximum 50 clients, we can dedicate the necessary time to resolve any of your queries. 

One of your account managers will be in touch to arrange your renewal well in advance of your contract end date and a termination notice will be submitted on your behalf. The procurement process then begins again, with the same goals in mind – to deliver you the best deal possible.

Getting the best energy deal for your business can be a confusing and time-consuming process, however this is what we do best. This client cycle means that we can focus our efforts on your energy requirements leaving you time to get on with what YOU do best!

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MAXIMeyes offers so much more than Procurement. With our Energy Management solutions, we can help your business improve in a number of key areas. Learn about Energy Management.
MAXIMeyes are paid a fee for their services directly via the Supplier, which is included in the client supply contract.