Water 360

Water deregulation – New opportunities for business

Recent deregulation of the water industry in England means that businesses across the country can now take advantage of the open market. That brings numerous opportunities, including up to 20-30% saving on the water bills, more efficient consumption and reduction of carbon emissions as a result, and comprehensive management of the entire process by experienced consultancies.  MAXIMeyes will build a service plan around your specialist needs, take care of the analysis and switching process, making sure you are working towards becoming a much more water-efficient business.

Water audit

  • 360 degree analysis of the last 12 months of invoices, including your clean water and waste water tariffs, number of technical checks (metering and pipe size, waste water abatement percentages)
  • Report with cost reduction opportunities.
  • Management of the implementation on your behalf.

Case study – Extract from a water audit report for a London based hotel

Leakage has been discovered on site, which once eradicated could produce savings of £19,598 pa. In addition and once repairs are completed we will negotiate the most beneficial allowance of the losses suffered during the period of the leak. We have also found that the appliance has developed a fault and is the cause of additional wastage amounting to annual losses of £3777. It seems likely that the problem would be resolved by arranging for a service or repair.

Water procurement

Businesses in Scotland saved over £65 million by switching supplier since 2008. Now it is time for English clients. MAXIMeyes delivers:

  • Bespoke tender process utilising the group purchasing power
  • Highly vetted suppliers to ensure reliable service
  • Comprehensive analysis of the most competitive options
  • Management of the transfer process and new account set up

Case study – Successful procurement strategy for a Scottish client

We were approached by the owner of six agricultural depots across Scotland to undertake the procurement process. During the tender we looked into different contract duration across the most competitive suppliers in Scotland. The most viable solution was a 36 month contract with overall saving of 8% across the group (between 5% to 13% between different sites). We managed the contract processing and transfer on behalf of the client and all went 100% smoothly.

Invoice validation

  • Identifying errors prior to the invoices being sent to the clients
  • Opening a case with a supplier
  • Managing the query resolution process to ensure correct invoices are issued for payment

Water efficiency

Water efficiency is reducing water wastage by measuring the amount of water required for a particular purpose and the amount of water used or delivered. Water efficiency differs from water conservation. In that it focuses on reducing waste, not restricting use. (Waterwise) MAXIMeyes supports our clients in the following ways:

  • Analysing waste water consumption to assess saving opportunities
  • Behavioral change guide for staff to follow to increase efficiency – Download our guide here
  • Results monitoring to ensure efficient implementation of recommended solution

New connections and metering

Obtaining a new water supply for your development is often not as straightforward as you might first imagine, especially given the rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Our sister company, ENERGeyes, has the knowledge and expertise to support any organisation through their water connection and metering.  Please click on the image below for the details of the process.