Water De-Regulation? Are you ready?

Water De-Regulation? Are you ready?

In April 2017 the water market will be deregulated for commercial water customers. This deregulation introduced by OfWat is an endeavor to improve the services offered to the end user as well as increase environmental efficiency, rather than a financial incentive for the suppliers.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Just like the deregulation of the Energy Market over 15 years ago this change will have numerous benefits, such as generating competition between providers to drive service up and prices down, in an effort to retain and acquire new customers from a market which wasnot previously available.

MAXIMeyes can review the water consumption within your businesses and let you know how much you could be saving by instigating change as early as September 2016. The savings will not be as significant as the ones that we have seen in Scotland but there will be other benefits for organisations:

– Ability to consolidate your portfolio into one water supplier-  one invoice
– Potential increase on service quality as clients will be able to switch suppliers if unhappy with the service
– MAXIMeyes query management and bill validation.

We encourage you to contact one of our team members here at MAXIMeyes for more info on how we can help you.

The end of CRC? Or is it?

Not affected by CRC – Watch Out you will be soon!

So it is official, CRC is being abolished – but not quite yet! During the latest budget the Chancellor announced that the final reporting year for CRC will be 2018 – 2019. It is clear that the changes have come about as a result of the Energy Efficiency Taxation Review Consultation, wherein the majority of respondents favoured scrapping CRC with the levy being collected via the Climate Change Levy (CCL) instead. The main points to note regarding the budget announcement for CRC abolition are:

– CRC allowance prices for CRC compliance years 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 will increase in line with RPI
– To cover the revenue loss from CRC abolition, the main rates of the CCL will be increased from 1 April 2019
– CCL main rates will increase in line with RPI from 1 April 2017 and 1 April 2018
– The CCL discount will be increased for sectors with Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) to compensate for the increase in CCL main rates. The CCL discount for electricity will increase from 90% to 93%, and the discount for gas will increase from 65% to 78% as of 1 April 2019

There will be a further public consultation later in 2016 on a simplified energy and carbon reporting framework for introduction by April 2019. This may affect the ESOS and GHG reporting schemes.

Until after the final reporting year nothing will change to the current CRC reporting process. MAXIMeyes are able to take the sting out of CRC reporting by assisting you with data collection and report gathering. Contact your account manager today by email or on 020 8652 7525 for further assistance, or clarification as to whether your business should be reporting.