Water deregulation – How can your business benefit?

A deregulation we’ve been waiting for.

For a long time, large organisations have had the freedom to choose their retail water suppliers while smaller businesses haven’t been given any options, forcing them to deal with designated retailers. Things have changed – all businesses have now the freedom to choose their supplier and to lower charges and bills, ultimately getting the most for what is spent on services.

Aside from building your service plan around your company’s specific needs and avoid paying for services you never wanted in the first place, your company could gain a new, positive reputation as a water-efficient business, helping to win over environmentally-conscious customers.

You can finally shop around.

Businesses throughout England and Scotland are now able to choose their own water services provider due to changes in the water market, which were made official on April 1, 2017. Provision of retail water services are no longer restricted to designated regional water companies. Water services for a customer can even be split between multiple providers, for example, having one provider for water supply and another for waste water services. This can save eligible businesses and organizations significant amounts of money.

The success of the deregulation in Scotland was making English businesses eager to also be able to reap the rewards of free market. Between 2008 and 2016 Scottish businesses saved over £65 million by switching the supplier, some organisations reducing their costs by as much as 30%. Over 28,000 tonnes of CO2 were saved since the deregulation by reducing the overall consumption by 16 billion litters.

How to go about sourcing the best deal.

Eligible businesses and public organizations can now benefit from the open water market if they meet the following criteria:
1) Premises are primarily used for business purposes,
2) Premises are supplied from an English-based water company (either wholly or mainly).

Wholesale water services – supply and removal – are now available to licensed retailers from regional water companies. These companies still supply and treat your water, as well as maintaining water and wastewater pipe networks. All of these services and more are bundled together, and you, the customer, are free to decide which of the competing retailers you want to give your business to based on your needs.

Over 8,000 English businesses have switched water retailers in April 2017 alone benefiting from better prices. When managed properly the process can be smooth and easy, very similar to gas and electricity industry. All MAXIMeyes customers now have access to a range of suppliers to choose from and an expert on hand to manage the process on their behalf.

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