We are committed to change the future.

We are committed to change the future.

Part of the philosophy of our CEO, Shamir Jiwa, is “Businesses must have a purpose” and that is definitely the reason that led us to partner with Severn Vale Housing in conjunction with Puredrive Energy Ltd, an energy storage company, for the project in Brockworth, Glos, designed to help tenants to reduce their energy bills.

A pilot started in November consists of providing Brockworth tenants with a free solar panel system with battery storage. “By combining renewable energy and battery storage into community schemes, we are proud to be leading the way towards the next generation of energy services that will become a part of our future” said Shamir Jiwa to Energy News, “Working with Puredrive Energy and Severn Vale Housing on this scheme is making this ambition a reality”.

This project is part of our Fuel the Change initiative to help low-income families out of fuel poverty. Our aim is to help lift 1,000 homes out of fuel poverty by 2020. This first step will not only benefit the tenants of the housing association, it will also benefit the environment since, with the installation of solar panels, the emission of toxic gases that generate the greenhouse effect is reduced.

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