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‘What makes MAXIMeyes unique are the people who work here’ – Shamir Jiwa, CEO

Some businesses centre their focus around their shareholders’ needs, others around their customers. We believe in focusing on our team. If we have a happy team and we instill a culture of excellence, innovation, and open communication, then the result will be that we attract the best new talent; challenge-driven and solution-oriented people capable of delivering an exceptional service, thus creating happy customers. We believe our team are the key to our success – after all, they are the ones who deliver your service.


  • Dual Account Management System – a system unheard of anywhere else in the industry, where every client has not one, but two account managers, working on their account. One of them is always available for you to speak to and is up to speed with all activities on your account.
  • Lowest in the industry account manager to client ratio – we take pride in providing a revolutionary service to all our clients. That requires time and dedication from the entire team. You will not find such attention to detail anywhere else.
  • Client Care Policy – instead of Terms and Conditions that clients need to adhere to, it is MAXIMeyes that must adhere to our Client Care Policy which puts you first. All emails are responded within 24 hours, calls are returned within 4 hours and we provide you with a client update due date so you always know when to expect to hear from us.
  • 5 Point Supply Transfer Check – we have created a unique and robust process for managing supply transfers and will do everything in our power to ensure that these go through successfully and on time. So no more incorrect billing address, wrong VAT or unit rates.
  • The Formation of ENERGeyes – our utility infrastructure division was created to solve the challenges that developers face when connecting utilities to new builds. Visit ENERGeyes website for more information.
  • The Formation of OPTIMeyes – our clean energy and sustainability division  provides solutions that make energy efficiency and generation accessible and affordable. Check OPTIMeyes solutions here.


One of our clients, Redefine|BDL, one of the largest hotel management companies in the UK, wanted to test us against three other consultants over a two-year period by splitting their portfolio four ways. The criteria for success were the ability to secure competitive pricing and provide the best service. After less than a year they decided to work with MAXIMeyes.

MAXIMeyes take charge and drive forward solutions, often coming up with new ideas to streamline the costs of utilities or the administration processes related to managing such an extensive portfolio. Their account management service is second to none and we know that we can always rely on them to deal with any issues that we encounter –  Procurement Manager, Redefine BDL


As part of our revolutionary customer experience, we believe in open communication and personal connection from top to bottom. This philosophy extends to Shamir Jiwa, the founder and CEO of MAXIMeyes, who always makes time and loves the opportunity to connect with others. Shamir encourages all clients to contact him directly, if they ever have the need, and he will endeavour to assist in any way he can.

Honest feedback is always encouraged as it enables us to fulfill our commitment to continuous improvement. Should you wish to speak with our CEO, simply ask your account manager to provide Shamir’s mobile number, or use the link below. In practice, however, his phone very rarely rings, which is a testament to his dream of revolutionising the customer experiences.

If you have a question, query, or comment, you are encouraged to speak directly with the CEO, Shamir Jiwa. Contact him now.

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