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The energy and telecommunications industries are constantly in flux. Everything from legislation to new technologies means that companies that do not seek to stay on the leading edge are destined to be left behind. We are sharply focused on the latest advances of today and what will be required tomorrow.

Our team creates innovative solutions to provide our clients with the best tools and systems, such as:

  • Dual Account Management System – every client has two account managers, one of whom should always be in the office. Your account managers are responsible and accountable for all of the services you receive so they take pride in every task they do.
  • 3 Point Supply Transfer Check – we have created a unique and robust process for managing supply transfers and will do everything in our power to ensure that these go through successfully and on time.
  • The Formation of ENERGeyes – our utility infrastructure division, created to solve the challenges that developers face when connecting utilities to new builds.
  • The Formation of OPTIMeyes – our clean energy and sustainability division, developed to make energy efficiency and generation accessible and affordable. In some cases, it is possible to be completely fully funded.


‘What makes MAXIMeyes unique are the people who work here’ – Shamir Jiwa, Managing Director

Some businesses centre their focus on their shareholders’ needs, but we believe in putting the focus on our team. If we have a happy team and we instill a culture of excellence, innovation, and open communication, then we attract the best of new talent; challenge-driven and solution-oriented people capable of delivering an exceptional service for the benefit of our clients. The knock-on effect breeds clients that are more satisfied, loyal, and successful; consequently, these clients will then subscribe to more services, which will have a greater positive impact on their business.

We believe that our people are the key to our success – after all, they are the ones who deliver your service, and we are proud of our policy to serve clients:

  • Through excellence – We recruit the best people and empower them with the tools to excel.
  • Through communication –  We listen to our people and our clients, understand their needs.
  • Through innovation – We provide our people with the autonomy, mastery, and purpose to implement solutions to any challenges that arise.


Shamir Jiwa, Founder and Managing Director of MAXIMeyes, is the award-winning entrepreneur responsible for the business development and strategic vision of the organization.

The principles of MAXIMeyes have been shaped by Shamir, who sees his role and that of the company as being about people first and foremost. This extends to the MAXIMeyes team, who are encouraged by a supportive environment, opportunities for career and personal growth, and an open door policy that even includes workers’ family members. It includes the clients, who receive world-class customer support and who Shamir encourages to speak directly to him if there is ever a need. It even covers charitable organizations such as Nia Children’s Foundation, with Shamir being a vocal proponent of personal involvement in the lives of those who need it.

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